want list :: appliqué.

FINALLY CHRISTMAS. It’s good to be home, smell the Christmas tree, and have some fine weather. Currently preparing my body for some eating overdoses which are inevitable in my family, and catching up on very old recorded TV shows. Leaving work yesterday, with the coming 3 week break, was a wonderful feeling. All the stress can go away now, as I try to fit a year’s worth of relaxation into this time. Both catch up and preparation.

While I love giving, and don’t like unnecessary gifts, or seemingly wasted money, these pieces from the Erdem Resort 2016 collection are definitely a lust item (as is the whole collection). Never can I imagine being able to afford a top worth thousands of dollars, or being able to justify spending that much on a single item, for myself.

Christmas highlights our luck and blessing, but also sheds light on the fact that not everyone lives like this. There are millions out there who go hungry everyday, while we stuff our faces, scrounge around for money, while we gorge on the latest trends, and pray for help, while we bask in our lifestyles. So each year, even though it is the least involved and tiniest action, we give a gift through TEAR or World Vision or the like. Something is better than nothing.

As I grow in both age and awareness, I hope that I make more informed decisions about the gifts I purchase, and stop feeding the Western world’s desire to always have more. Life can, and should be, simple. What better simple life than one helping others, evening out those scales of the world.

Amidst all this, I have a massive respect for the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of items like these – that appliqué, so detailed and intricate, is the stuff my fashion dreams are made of. Pure talent. Once I found my own talent, who knows where I will go – saving the world in fashion, perhaps.

erdem resort 2016

erdem applique

erdem resort dress

erdem resort 2016 applique

(Images from here)

One thought on “want list :: appliqué.

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