hello 2016.

We are off to a good start for the year, and getting in a sneaky quick post before another week of chill.

Down-time has been achieved with days camping in the wilderness; venturing to the beach each day for a bit of a surf attempt and swim, walking along the rockpools, waking early for cliff-side walks and kangaroo spotting, reading / colouring / card-gaming, and most importantly, NO RECEPTION. What a welcome relief that was.

It is so freeing to not rely on my Facebook account for entertainment, or feel anxious about the growing number of emails I see in my inbox. Only once did I go out to town and turn my data on – instant regret.

More than anything, this little, accidental detox has taught me to take more time out and break the ties that my iPhone previously held over me.

I don’t have to reply to a message instantly.

I don’t have to look at the latest incoming email whenever my phone vibrates.

I don’t need to be on some form of social media every waking moment of the day, every time I am alone for 2 seconds, or watching a TV show.

2016 is the year of living in the moment. I know it is going to be a crazy one, full of big decisions and stressful periods, which makes this epiphany even more important. Decreased wasted time, increased relaxing and/or achieving time. I’m finally ready to grapple with what lies ahead, and sorry if you are the one waiting for that text message reply.

Style goals for the year – also very important – inspired by some super trendy girls and their wonderful wardrobes:

– If you are ever in doubt with the risk-factor, just do it. Make fashion fun.

– Long jackets with everything.

– Same goes with oversized. Go jumbo in jumpers and jackets, rugging up for winter with plenty of layer room.

Socks and shoes with cute little dresses. (And as much as I hate the whole #squadgoals thing, that pic below is it. All I need).

Tassles everywhere always.

blue street style tommy ton
school girl street style
oversized street style
squad goals street style
tassle street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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