reliving :: stella mccartney.

Today is a day that saw way too many crazy emotions flying around, and decision making attempts that were just too difficult. My full brain could not handle. It’s a worry when you can’t even make the decision about whether to have a coffee or not, leaving fate up to a simple 20c coin. But sometimes it happens and we move on.

To free my mind a little, and escape reality for a moment, I longingly browsed Stella McCartney’s Pre Fall 2016 collection. The collection every hot mumma has been waiting for – finally their leopard print dreams have become an acceptable appearance. I half expected to scroll through and find some sexy velour tracksuits too, complete with diamante personalisation, but thankfully no, not yet.

Bring back everything 70’s – give me the dangling hoop earrings, orange-tinged palette, the fur (faux of course thanks to Stella’s incessant animal rights stance). Heck, even the cat. Yes, we all need a little of this in our everyday – a rockstar moment each day of the week.

stella mccartney leopard print

stella mccartney 70's vibe

stella mccartney pre fall 2016

stella mccartney prints

stella mccartney prefall 16 cat

(Images from here)

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