model muse :: tilda lindstam.

As part of the whole social media cleanse, my overarching goal is to live in the moment and avoid taking in everything through a screen. That means trying to avoid walking around the streets with my nose stuck in my phone, blinded by the latest Facebook posts. Also means avoiding angry passers-by and their disgruntled comments. It’s not perfect so far – sometimes I need an instant cafe google, or a very important message sent – but it’s a work in progress.

Another aspect of this is noticing the beauty that surrounds me everyday. Looking up at the clouds and rediscovering their crazy shapes, picking flowers, staring into the blue sky. They sound ridiculous and childish, but these simple acts change my mood instantly and let the air in.

Walking to the bus stop I picked up a dropped frangipani, then so desperately wanted to take a photo for all that Instagram red and #summer vibes. Typical phone – no room for photos, apparently. I decided this was a good thing, a little lesson for myself that every little thing I do doesn’t need to be instantly shared in cyber space. Some things are better left unsnapped, and entrusted to our mind instead. Mr Flower was left on the bus for some unsuspecting, lonesome victim on their way to work – much better use than a scrolled-by image.

Let’s just all have fun like Tilda Lindstam, not take everything so seriously and make a fool of ourselves because we can. But somehow ditch the public-ness of it all. See, this is what I deal with everyday, a mind that goes round and round in circles. Just focus on her effortless sense of cool and all those over-sized over-things. I’m not willing winter to come, but when it’s chill does hit, I’ll be taking a leaf out of her large book of style.

tilda lindstam 70's
tilda lindstam
tilda lindstam street style
tilda lindstam denim
tilda lindstam

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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