anatomy of :: personal style blogs.

Over the years I’ve developed a theory of some sorts – maybe not as clever or scientifically proven as a theory, but a thought at least – about personal style bloggers. For me, that was never an opportunity on the cards due to a number of factors – lack of wardrobe space, only a drop of disposable cash, no photographer boyfriend, full time work etc. etc. I also think there is only a very limited number of these blogs you can religiously follow before you become overwhelmed by jealousy, sadness, hyperactivity (in my instance) or all of the above.

Personal style blogs have their place, and I applaud all those who have made a living out of it – it pretty much is the dream existence, pulling together an amazing outfit, taking a photo, getting paid, and the crowd goes wild. Not for me though. I’m often too much of an outfit repeater, or at least an accessory repeater, and the stress of finding something new each day in my squishy rack would be too much for my poor little head.

Here are some of my faves, broken out by the factors drawing me to them – which is where my theory comes into play – we follow different personalities for different appeals / emotions / moods:

JEALOUSY – so it’s not the most positive follow, but it definitely provides something pretty to ponder over. Margaret Zhang is one of my jealousy follows – how can she be so young and so busy, and yet achieved so much? In impeccable style always, feat. Paris coffee runs and rooftops.

INSPIRATION – the real girl blog, like, I could look like that if I really put in the effort and didn’t have a full time job. Also constantly chilled out and creative. Thank you Jasmine Dowling for your realness, simple beauty and babing typography.

WISHFUL THINKING – similar to the inspirer, but still so far out of reach. Sara Donaldson, aka Harper and Harley, my wardrobe would love to be all monochromatic, but it’s just not possible.

SO CRAZY IT HURTS – the blogger that seems to mish-mash everything all at once, but still look cool. They deserve a follow for their guts and outrageousness, because most can’t pull it off. Susie Bubble will probably be the only winner in this category forever. More is more policy.

GENUINE LOVE – ding ding ding, of course the winner is Leandra Medine / Man Repeller. There are moments of jealousy, endless inspiration, and of course wishful thinking too (the chances of Marni pieces living in my room is zero), but every single post brings pure joy and every outfit a winner, a save-for-later.

margaret zhang style

jasmine dowling style

sara donaldson style

susie bubble style

leandra medine style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

6 thoughts on “anatomy of :: personal style blogs.

  1. I tried to have my husband take a super awesome picture of me at the museum one time and he just laughed at me and said “You’re so cute, trying to be all serious” and this is when I realized I’m not a fashion blogger with a photographer husband. Sobering day. But aside from that I’m looking forward to checking out these bloggers!

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