feels for australia day.

The lightning last night blinded me through my eye lids – I felt like the naughty kid during the magnesium experiment in high school science class, trying to peek at the insanely bright effect. A reminder that the weather is such a powerful and wild thing, completely out of our control. I’m not sure what is wrong with me, but that storm was also one of the first times I had felt genuine fear throughout. Maybe it is the unsettledness of my life right now, with so many things to be planning and (hopefully) accomplishing, and so few actionable ideas at the moment.

I take comfort in inspiration. It’s my escape from brain stress and the constant to-do list.

Being Australia Day and all, I’m going to glorify a fellow collage loving sister, whose graphic design skills I long for. So while we all listen to the Hottest 100, drink a few beverages, and dig into a BBQ, suss out the beautiful works of Habitual Feels. A mood board to suit everyday and every kind of mood – Deni Paradise has it all covered.

habitual feels sunday collage

habitual feels digital collage

habitual feels mood board

isabelle cornish habitual feels

russh habitual feels

(Images from here)

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