melbournite for a day.

I need to be ok with not doing everything. It’s a hard lesson to learn for someone like me. My obsession with being “productive” is extreme and not always the most helpful. It means I can’t just sit and binge on Orange is the New Black (although I need to so I can finally be done with Piper’s frustrating antics, until the next season), or read all day with a tea in hand.

There are periods when I will stress each night because I need to be ticking things off my never-ending list, doing life errands, or creating something new. I actually like being busy, and generally thrive off it – until it all gets so much and I crack. Meltdown and life questioning ensue.

Right now I need a class in getting back to my roots, it’s only taken 3 weeks of Sydney living again to get me to this point. Friday night will be a forced movie / reading / just browsing the internet time, and I will re-teach myself to cherish that and know it is ok.

I am at peace when I can revel in the beauty of nature, or the insane craftsmanship and talent of others. Somehow Brooke Holms’ photography is summing up my life perfectly right now. A road leading to the unknown, a foggy mountain (i.e. my brain) and little trees scattered everywhere (i.e. my busyness / task list / hyperactivity). Yet it is all so calm and placid at the same time. So, life, settle.

brooke holm photography

brooke holm new zealand

brooke holm mountain

brooke holm nz photography

(Images from here)

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