scorpio talk.

So I’m not really a horoscope-y / star sign person in life – when I was younger I avoided them like the plague and refused to let my eyes read my future, because I thought it was all so bogus. Or maybe I would be cursed for trying to look so hard into what’s to come.

Gradually I started to read my monthly horoscope, lol a little at the ridiculousness of it, but secretly hope that there would be some sort of truth in it (YES, I would like to fall upon a large sum of cash). I may or may not have also decided that this would be a great career, and perfect for a creative mind.

Then we agreed to research the traits of our star sign, and my mind was blown, but also reasoned. How could this random signal form the sky know everything about me and the way I react to situations? I can’t say I place any faith in the horoscope business, but it’s nice knowing that if I fire up one day, I can blame it all on my Scorpio-ness. If I ever seem a little too ambitious, feisty, independent, moody or controlling, we will just pin it all back on the stars. They made me this way. #sorrynotsorry.

To finish up a month of mixed emotions, here’s some little glimpses of beauty.  Cheers to a busy and exciting February.

pretty vintage chairs

succulent cactus

morning coffee

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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