feb goals.

I’ve started setting a few goals each month – a new thing for 2016, in my aim to actually get things done. They are a bit of a mixed bag, from the super achievable and material, to the more existential and emotional. Sometimes it will be a stress, an added pressure that I don’t necessarily need in life, but at other times a driver and overarching plan to make me move, dream and do. So this month:

– Finally finish reading my Eco Dye book. And then of course to finally make my own eco dyes, and get back into my past love, slowly quashed by the needs of life. Hopefully igniting my will to make once again, and force me to find time for it each week.

– Plan a fundraising event for my Tanzania trek. The perfect example of a productive stress. My aim is to have fun with it, take it as it comes, and use it as a learning curve. (To hear more about my trip, or sponsor me, head here).

– Wash my woollies. How sadly boring, but deeply necessary to add to the list when you’ve had your beloved jumpers sitting in a to-handwash pile for the last 9 months.

– Another one for the creative enticement – craft a digital collage. Let’s see how that goes.

But I suppose overall my goal is to be more thankful. Re-learn how to appreciate every moment, find the best in every situation, even when it seems impossible, and make the most of everything. College starts this month, Laneway Festival in a few days, weekends away looming, and work ever-present, so watch this space.

I’m also going to try to take a leaf out of John Lennon’s book – “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” Motto of the month, maybe even the year. Spending hours poring over a magazine is justified when the big Beatle says it is – so that’s what I will be doing tonight. Clocking off and getting in touch with the paper world.

And because I need some desperate outfit inspiration for tomorrow, here are a few brilliant street style picks for when things get a little cooler and we need to inject some colour and spice. Complete with mum jeans.

street style black

street style long colourful coat

boyfriend street style

mum jeans street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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