wisconsinite for a day.

I’ve uncovered something interesting about myself – I think I am scared of forgetting, everything. A part of me wants to perfectly remember every single moment of life, to not let anything pass me by, and then recall with such clarity in the future.

Talking about primary school often makes me anxious – I worry that I don’t remember as much as everyone else. The high school factor is even more scary. For a time not all that long ago I seem to struggle to bring back the memories of weird science classes, and crazy girls. It’s all a bit of a blur and a smudge in my life. Maybe it’s because we didn’t live on smartphones back then, we knew how to have fun without taking a photo of absolutely every detail.

Unfortunately for me, most of my memories are based around the images I see in photo albums. I can remember the slide I got for my 2nd or 3rd birthday, because there is a photo of me on it. I can remember the feeling of the lorikeets resting on my head and eating their seeds in the Blue Mountains, because we have those photos.

So now I feel like I should capture everything, just so I can’t forget. Every meal on holiday deserves a photo, every beach visit, each time we go on some sort of adventure. Am I the only one? From there it’s hard to draw the line between posting too much on Instagram, and just posting because you like the photo and you want to always see it in your feed.

My Instagram page is probably a bit selfish – I post the things I like because I want to accidentally come across them constantly, or at least once a year when Timehop reminds me of that day in years gone by.

If I were a real photographer I would have the perfect excuse. There is something so sad, but also peaceful, in the desolate images by Jason Vaughn. These little cabins of escape, situated away from the bustle of the world and the strains of life. I guess it’s things like this that put the whole world, and all the silly, trivial things we do in perspective.

jason vaughn hide

jason vaughn photography

jason vaughn wilderness

jason vaughn cabin

(Images from here)

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