anatomy of :: choked up.

I’ve decided that today, instead of loading on another existential pondering load of words, we will just look at pretty pictures instead. Break away from the current mould and get back to the greatness of fashion and those who create it.

My obsession with the choker is next level. Some are worried about my knack for tying things around my neck, others think it’s cool. The dental assistant complimented me on my “neck thing”. Actually it’s an old ribbon, previously worn by a doll, when I was in primary school – until my hoarding hands rediscovered it’s lacey beauty (I’ve also discussed my old hippie headband along with the 90’s previously).

But thank you for the love, and driving my fondness even further. I’ve found that if there is one simple way to change up an outfit and make it new again, it’s to add a different neck piece. Try it, it works. Post all the compliments.

Christian Dior, led by the infallible Raf Simons, rocked the choker all over. A million different ways to recreate. Floral, scarfy, stringy, leather, bejewelled. Sit back and admire (don’t get too distracted by the necks though, dream-inducing outfits also pair it and are equally worth your attention).

christian dior spring 2016

christian dior raf simons ss16

christian diro ss16

christian dior ss16 choker

christian dior spring 2016

(Images from here)

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