photo shoot :: meditative feels.

Meditation has been suggested to me many times before, as a way to clear my mind and open the headspace. Let in some of the positive, and force out the crap. Even though my brain may constantly be alert, either in a stressed or productive way, it’s not something I necessarily want to change. My mind is energetic and efficient, seeking an inspiration source and life answer always. It’s also often distracted – I struggle to sit and focus, and encourage my brain to rest. Don’t have time for that anyway, 24 hours a day is just not enough.

But supposedly the chore of meditation would be great for that self-doubt that leaks in at times (see Man Repeller’s hot topic discussion on the ins and outs of this – describes it way better than I ever could).

My past experiences of these meditative times equate to telling every part of my body to gradually fall asleep (a super handy way to encourage dozing off if all that caffeine is keeping you awake – I recommend), and listening to a random lady saying some random words in a hushed voice – which was quickly given up on.

At the heart of everything is a need to instil a a self-love and self-confident attitude in girls. Just to know that the decisions we make are ok, and it is fine to shut the world out for an hour or two. Very slowly, incredibly slowly, I am learning this. I made one big life decision last week, after many emotional breakdowns and back-and-forths, but I did it – so now we move on to the next one.

As a reward, some Barbara Palvin 70’s bombshell browsing. A girl with hair like that could never be unsure of herself.

barbara palvin malibu mag

barbara palvin 70's photo shoot

barbara palvin malibu

barbara palvin

(Images from here)

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