manspiration :: dior homme ss16.

Today was a bit of nothing, other than finally starting Making a Murderer, and seeing Ben and Leslie get engaged. Happy happy times.

The men have been a bit neglected on here the last few months – not quite fair when there have been some great shows and flawless tailoring about. Here we have some belated reflections on the Dior Homme SS16 collection – a collection made up of preppy goodness and bold colour pops, bringing back the glory to knitted vests and ties.

Key take outs:

For the men – This just proves that tailoring is everything. A well-fitted suit truly is key for the wardrobe, and you also have permission now to live out your Action Man dreams – khaki and camo are solid, valid options. True men are not afraid to wear camouflaged suit pants with kickass knitwear.

For the gals (aka, yours truly): Give me any of those coats and I would wear them everyday. This winter all I want to do is pop on my trusty Nudies, pluck some sort of top-thing from the drawer, and top it all off with a massive, oversized, incredibly warm, jacket. Duffel or rain-coated, bomber or breasted. One of each please. And a pair of those sunnies wouldn’t go astray either.

dior homme spring 2016

dior homme camouflage

dior homme white

dior homme runway ss16

(Images from here)

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