reliving :: delpozo.

“Life is short, so stay up late”, is becoming my new guiding force. I know sleep is vital for my health, and sanity, but there are just too many things to get done and far too many interesting articles to read.

I’ve described myself as a magwhore before, which is utterly true and clear as soon as you step foot in my tiny, paper-stacked bedroom, but I think I’m also a bit of an information hoarder. There’s a certain buzz to be felt when browsing the latest fashion collections, and Tim Blanks’ descriptive / infallible reviews, stalking new cafe openings to add to the ever-growing breakfast list, and learn more about living a sugar free or healthy life. And unfortunately time does not really permit all these.

As a result I always have a Google Chrome window open, or a minimum of one, full to the brim with different reading material – so much so that it’s a lucky dip as to what article you will click on, because they are just little grey tabs up the top now. Maybe one day I will catch up, when I’m retired, and by then we will probably have computers in our brains anyway.

Meanwhile, it’s time to share some of my latest gazings. The Fall Ready to Wear shows have been stealing all the thunder, and I’m going to further that some more because it is well worth it. Starting with Delpozo. The collection seems a little morbid in some ways, with coat sleeves eerily reminiscent of the straight jacket, in my crime-obsessed mind. Difference is though, they are beautiful, and hopefully practical also. Bedazzling everywhere, with bright pops of colour and structured shapes.

The new silhouette has arrived and it loves our bodies – thank goodness the body con fad has faded into the past, and one of shapeliness and A-line has returned. If I had one wish today it would be that this collection fills my wardrobe – all that mixing and matching and layering to be had.

delpozo fall ready to wear 2016

delpozo autumn 2016

delpozo jewels 2016

delpozo structure 2016

delpozo rtw fall 2016

(Images from here)

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