goals for march.

How did I go with the goals of February? Not so well you may say. Time got the better of me, and even though we had one extra day this, it is still one less than a regular month. That 24 hours surely makes all the difference. Instead I was chasing my own tail, getting on top of life and trying to have chill out time as well.

I’ve started March with a fresh face and outlook, hoping the achievements will go a little farther this time around, carrying on some of those that didn’t work out.

– Go on my first mini training hike for Mt Kilimanjaro. And I mean real mini. Maybe a couple of hours if I’m lucky. But if you are interested in sponsoring me for this trek, and contributing to the building of classrooms and a toilet block in Tanzania, head here.

– Create something finally after a long hiatus. Tossing up between a cushion cover, a Celine-inspired shirt, or the simple but ever-useful oven mitts.

– Finish the eco dye book – since Feb didn’t deliver.

– Prep my next massive fundraising event – the clothes swap. Today has been a full-on bake session, with the current strategy to raise money through my mum’s famed cookies. Fingers crossed to the next success.

– Write to my beautiful little sponsor child.

Of course there is also the aim to designate solo, stop-everything time each week as well, and enhance my personal styling with some new vintage finds and experiments. Prepare for the cooler months and get some layering action ready. What are your goals?

street style sweater scarf

street style ripped jeans

street style lame skirt

street style tassles and florals

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

3 thoughts on “goals for march.

  1. Thanks for sharing Hannah and amazing style photos as usual! I’ve definitely had goals last month that I wish made more progress than I did, really appreciate you sharing your candid feelings on this I can totally relate! I’m hoping to work on creating a second website this month hoping for the best!

    xx Alanna

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