the many faces of fashion college.

There weren’t too many surprises when I started at college. I knew the room would be filled with young and life-taint-free girls who have just finished school and always dreamt of working in “fash-on”. PR or buying or whatever else.

Then there are the surprises, only a few, but they exist. It sounds fiercely and appallingly judgmental, and yes it is, to seem surprised that there are also so many seemingly not fashion-y types there. The girl whose life doesn’t seem to be dedicated to the latest fashion news or show. Who doesn’t read Vogue, or get a bit obsessive when it comes to Man Repeller.

But fashion is everything, and everyone makes use of or is aware of fashion in some sense of the word. It needs all types to function properly. We can’t all just be the prim and polished mag type, or the casual bohemian Australian designer, or even the super grungy underground street wear lover. Because our audiences aren’t just that – they are so much more and indescribably different.

I recently read an enlightening article on The Business of Fashion outlining the lack of tech designers who are actually female in the fashion world. Rebecca Minkoff found this great digital dressing room product, but it didn’t satisfy her brand’s wearer, purely because it was designed by men – not privy or aware of the inner workings of our complicated minds. We need the tech girls in fashion, the creative girls, the numbers girls, the talkative girls. I’ve learnt my lesson, now I just need to find my place in this crazy yet beautiful world.

sequin fashion

dolce and gabbana fashion earring

chloe spring 2016

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2 thoughts on “the many faces of fashion college.

  1. Hi Hannah, Very nice thought to think about and somehow true. The world is vast and so are the opportunities. What you are doing right now is part of being in the fashion / work world. Girl just do what you love to do and that will mark a space for you in the industry. Best Wishes

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