kym v rosie.

I like to think that Kym Ellery is Australia’s answer to Rosie Assoulin. Our version of the fashion wonder child, cool girl, experimental stylist. Somehow the two don’t cancel each other out, but instead make my love and admiration for both continue to grow more. They are spirit sisters, and if they haven’t met already they must. And I must also be present to take in that overload of genius and inspiration.

Here’s just a few reasons why they truly are same same but different.

1. They’ve created the new definition of frills. Mixing the frills of girlhood with the boyish charm of tuxedo suits, and transforming a solid black maxi into a voluminous and thrilling piece. Frills are essential, no item completed without.

2. They’ve challenged our pre-conceived sleeve notions. From dangerously long – risky with a bowl of pasta, or desk lunch (because operating a mouse and keyboard while scooping spoonfuls don’t work well together) – to giant flumes of fabric, showing off the tempting little shoulder bone, and leaving everything else to the imagination. At the other end of the spectrum we have pointed shoulder puffs with a tapered sleeve, bringing the 80’s right back in to now. The sleeves make the outfit.

3. They play with volume. Flaring pant legs, tulipped dresses. The two create an illusion through our bodies, ingeniously making a statement and influencing new trends.

4. They embrace layering like there’s no tomorrow. Pretty under-things, varied fabrics, and contrasting shapes. All put together to form one well-placed, cosy, comfortable outfit.

5. They are real life babes themselves. Speaks for itself really.
If you don’t believe me, it’s all illustrated below, crystal clear.

ellery rosie assoulin frills
ellery rosie assoulin sleeves fall 2016
ellery rosie assoulin volume fall 2016
ellery rosie assoulin layers
kym ellery rosie assoulin

(Images from all these places – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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