anatomy of :: denim.

Somehow I held off from the most important fashion investment – the denim jacket. I spent potentially years considering the purchase, hoping one might just pop on my lap one birthday. Then while in Byron Bay for the great summer break, I stumbled across the best little vintage store, full to the brim with 70’s inspiration, remade denims and leathers. It was love.

The too-large, too-sleevy vintage Levi’s jacket is my treasure – added to just about any outfit for any occasion. Double denim, even triple denim on adventurous days. It has the power to transform an overly delicate or girly dress into something more grungy and alternative, or take a simple monochrome palette to the next level for street style inspiration.

Now that I’ve got a classic version I will hold onto it forever. As trends pass by little Levi will be a constant, and temporary embellishments can be made to suit the current styles. This is what true sustainable, everlasting fashion looks like.

denim street style

embellished denim gucci

denim street style

denim jacket beanie

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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