manspiration :: theory.

Four day weekend, we made it. Before we dig into it – I hope you all have a wonderful Easter full of family and friends, celebrating and remembering, eating and laughing and relaxing.

I haven’t really seen much of what the menswear shows had to offer this season to be honest. My mind was too taken by what the womenswear had to offer and building little stories around these in my head. Obviously in mans-ville there were big coats everywhere, prepared for all sorts of chills, some with fur trims, others floor length or trench-like.

The one that stood out most to me in a quick glance through though was the zig-zag patterned, tightly buttoned Theory version. Some colour and life among the darks and neutrals. Even better is the 70’s all over again feel. The number of times I have mentioned this is ridiculous – our love affair with the era is never-ending, just like my pile of magazines to read. Zip-fronts, hugging jeans, intarsia sweaters, and the bad-boy leather touch.

The key is to always look sharp, dress for the occasion, and kill it with a sneaky beanie. A hint the ladies can take on too.

theory fall 2016 coat

theory fall 2016 menswear 70s

theory fall 2016 menswear

theory fall 2016

(Images from here)

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