the sustainers :: the citizenry.

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t eat anywhere near as much chocolate as originally planned this weekend. My one license for the year to go mental and I failed. Instead my brain kicked in, told me enough was enough, and miraculously I listened – the boring, sad times of adulthood. I can’t just munch on bunnies all day long with no consequence. The eggs I did manage to eat have still undone very Kayla workout I’ve sweated along to this year, and we’ve got many more to do following this.

My little weekend experiment was creating some healthy chocolate hot cross buns, which I highly recommend, and satisfy cravings guilt-free.

You know what warms my cockles even more than a great coffee, or a toasty hot cross bun dripping in butter? Fashion and textiles labels doing a beautiful form of good in the world. Confirming that my number one love is not fickle or shallow, but a real passion that can ignite change and create a better future. Figuring out just how I will accomplish that in my own work life is more difficult, but at least a gradual process of decision-making, crossing off, and thinking.

I hold The Citizenry in high regard, sourcing the most indulgent homewares from around the world, partnering with artisans to show off their timeless techniques, provide living wages and a comfortable work environment, and help them grow their business. A percentage of sales go straight back to their community in the form of grants, to develop education, tools and so much more. Their crafty friends are from all over – Mexico to Peru to Uganda, highlighting their specialties and incredible skills.

It’s one of those online stores that quickly steals my heart, and calls the credit card – I’ve fallen in love with just about everything. All justified though, big spending is encouraged when it’s supporting such a great cause. Here’s just a few of my faves, to hopefully suck you in also.

the citizenry artisan chairs

the citizenry peru blanket

the citizenry sustainable ethical

the citizenry mexican rug

(Images from here)

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