musings :: natalie shukur.

It’s not often that I have the absolute privilege to step inside the life of a success story and meet them in person – just another benefit of fashion college. Natalie Shukur is possibly the loveliest, sweetest person in fashion there could ever be. A hard worker with a heart of gold. She proves the fashion industry isn’t all The Devil Wears Prada and starvation and stabs in the back – my pure source of niceness, perfection and dedication.

There were also pangs of jealousy of course – editing RUSSH at a ridiculously young age, styling beautiful shoots, meeting the biggest names in pop culture, and finally being able to take things freelance, relaxing in Byron Bay and living a more isolated life. How did she do it.

If I had such a similarly strong sense of direction, where would it take me? Clearly I do not have the super journalism skills she possesses, or the model frame, but I do have that inquisitive mind and buzz of creativity.

There are lessons to learn and pieces of advice to be taken from an example like Natalie:

– Have a confident and unique voice in everything you do.

– Look beyond the obvious. Natalie mentioned this specifically in regards to journalism, it can really apply to almost everything. Look out for every opportunity to grasp and conquer.

De-clutter the tabs – tuck them away for later and set aside specific time for reading and churning through them. Probably the most important thing I needed to hear (although the current tab sitch is still not ideal, nor is the free time).

Maybe the best thing for us all to do is take a period of time out, with no people, no hounding from social media, no information overload. Sit outside in the sun, take deep breaths, and then just figure out where the heck we are going in life. If we can just find the starting point then it’s all uphill from there.

natalie shukur fashion journalist

natalie shukur styling


natalie shukur styling

(Images from 1, 2 – Natalie and her styling work)

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