the little mind game.

As they say (or at least dad says), small things amuse small minds. Not that my mind is necessarily small, but it is constantly jumping to the next thing and occupying itself with the minuscule oddities of life.

There’s a little game I’ve recently invented for myself, it’s called Guess That Brand. Simplest premise ever, the name speaks for itself. I do some much-loved Villoid browsing, find a noteworthy item, and guess the brand. Sounds boring you may say, but not so in Hannah’s crazy little mind.

When I’m right, it’s a little justification to myself that I’m trying to follow the right career path. When I’m wrong, I analyse the style, the pattern, the notions, so that next time I get 20/20. So far I am performing to standard with Peter Pilotto and Christopher Kane.

Then there are all these street style inspirations that I can’t necessarily put a label to, but I know I want to be wearing them right this, slightly cold, second. A mix of comfy (see Pernille’s classy take on the tracksuit), warm (aka oversized), 70’s inspired (Yoyo Cao’s delicate, burnt orange concoction), bejewelled and cool (i.e. wool shorts with layered shirts in all the textures of the world).

If I had the day off tomorrow I would try to find some pennies, then scour the op-shops across Sydney to bring me some sort of re-creation, the Frankenstein of all these outfits. Worn with pride.

yoyo cao 70s street style

ellery street style

pernille trackpant street style

earrings street style

shorts street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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