get better quick.

I’ve been googling how to get rid of all my current illness symptoms ASAP. No one wants to be sick on a long weekend – that one time you can chill out, treat yourself, and not think about work for more than 2 days.

Tips so far, thanks to Wiki:

For the throat situation – Do a bit of gargling, with salt water, lemon juice or vinegar (would help if I could physically gargle without swallowing or choking). Heat pack or hot water bottle around the neck – toasty. TEA.

For the nose situation – Indulge in chicken soup – Mum, want to make me some?. Spicy spicy food to clear it all out. TEA.

Depressingly coffee does not heal these impending wounds, when it is truly what I need to keep my eyes open and brain alive. Alternatively I just stalk Pinterest, get lost in the inter-webs and then find myself buzzing on all the ideas and inspirations that pass through my mind. These little beauties are keeping me going right now.

– The fact that Jeanne Damas is launching a fashion label – wut – need to get my hands on the perfect Parisian, beauty-straight-out-of-bed, Rouje now.

Toms’ Heather Mycoskie’s wardrobe, mood board and life view.

– The Miu Miu blouse of my dreams, which will be reinvented in my hands when I one day get enough time.

Sleeves. Because.

jeanne damas rouje

heather mycoskie toms

miu miu street style

sleeves shift dress

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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