mexican for a day.

Preparing for one adventure makes you just want to prepare for a million more. I’m not sure whether to count my Tanzania trip as a holiday, or more of a extreme hiking, eye-opening, learning adventure. I’ve experienced the blinding differences of culture before on previous getaways, but this I feel will be one step further. Meeting my sponsor child in her home, sitting down with her family, seeing around her village. Experiencing first hand the way she lives her life – it is the full vision, not just the tourist passing by, looking in on another’s life.

Cecy Young is Mexican creative babe based in France, who has clearly seen much of the world – and I am deeply envious. Japan is high on our visit list right now and of course where she is now spending a lot of time. The quirkiness of Harajuku, delicate cherry blossoms, robots and cat cafes are all calling our names, whispering in our ears at night, until we are forced to save and finally purchase those plane tickets.

Also, just look at her regular photography, this is the stuff I could gaze at for hours. I want it adorning my walls, printed and blown up on a gigantic scale so I can constantly live in her pastel-coloured world.

cecy young photography japan temple

cecy young japan food

cecy young photography japan

cecy young photography

cecy young japan

(Images from here)

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