seas of change.

Change is something I often go into without fully considering the consequences or outcomes. The last 6 months have truly made me realise that, as it feels like I’ve made so many (probably only a few) life changing decisions.

Sometimes my attitude does pay off though. It keeps me on my toes and makes sure I’m never too comfortable – it’s the best way to challenge myself, busy myself, and potentially find who the heck I am in this bustling world. A split second decision saves me from potentially talking myself out of a positive change, hindered by over-thinking and justifying and fear.

Registering for the Tanzania trip was done in an instant. It was something I had always wanted and hoped to do but I sprung on the opportunity without even stopping. Thoughts about cost and training and equipment, even annual leave, would come later. And I’m glad I did it. Hours of current stress will pay off.

So, the decision making process that works for an over-thinking doubt machine such as I – just do it. I feel very Leandra Medine / Monocycle when I think of these more existential life reflections – so, job done for the day.

I had imagined the end of April as full of inspiring blog posts, but it came too fast, beat me and my to do list. Let’s make May a big one then – I announce this the month of dreams and following passions. And what better way to kick start the vibe than with some new outfits to aspire to. It’s all about the denim – and why wouldn’t it be.

denim street style

leandra medine denim

denim skirt street style

double denim streetstyle

denim on denim street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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