all that noise.

Last weekend I woke up to the mooing of cows and nothingness. A sense of stillness and peace overtook. Now I wake up to a blaring alarm, hooning cars and tired eyes. Then go to sleep to the sound of motorbikes and voices.

Again it reminded me that maybe the city isn’t my life. I love the cafes, the opportunities, all the places to explore, and the people I care about, but that high stress, pressure to succeed dies quickly. I thrive off being busy, and dream of fulfilment, but there is always a limit before the crash comes or realisation strikes.

Sometimes all it takes is a week of escapement to recuperate and put life back in perspective. Then the city is bearable all over again, and a place that pushes me to always become better.

country girl photoshoot

fault line photoshoot

self portrait country photoshoot

photoshoot country life

(Images from here)

3 thoughts on “all that noise.

  1. I feel EXACTLY the same ….sometimes have to just take off ….just for a couple of days ‘time out’ to recharge the batteries ….I practice meditation too …but sometimes that 20minutes a day just isn’t enough …..beautiful pictures by the way :):):):):)

    1. thanks lovely!
      sometimes escapement is the only solution to get everything back in order – I really need to try my hand at meditation again x

      1. Don’t try too hard ….and it takes a loooong time to lay ghosts to rest so don’t beat yourself up about any dark days ….we all have them …..but yes …sometimes it’s good to get some ‘space’ and come back refreshed
        We’re ALL a work in progress:)

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