the sustainers :: kowtow.

Man Repeller recently published an article that needed to happen to expand my sustainable fashion-wear horizons, introducing me to a further five amazing brands making a difference. If I had the money I would buy something from each right this second. Why why why do beautiful things that don’t hurt the world cost so much.

Kowtow took my breath away (also sounds like a karate move), then returned it with the satisfaction of simply designed yet wonderfully made clothing. Perfect for lovers of mix and match, layering and easy wearing. And even more than that:

Kowtow only uses 100% fair trade certified cotton – so all workers and their communities are supported, no pesticides or genetically modified seeds, which all then adds up to a better place / environment and a fair living.

More great news – the label is based in NZ, so really, your delivery costs and emissions are much more efficient than purchasing from our loved labels in the US or Europe. FINALLY. I often wonder how much reversal of the good ethics I would be partaking in if I actually got around to purchasing from Reformation. Shipping is a bitch.

My picks for today’s weather – the Great Tale top (yes to ruffles, always) and the Collectors dress. Plus the aptly named Building Block items, necessary for all the winter layering that is about to come, ensuring goose bumps don’t haunt me all season long. Added to the wish list. And all surprisingly affordable so there really is no excuse to avoid ethical shopping now.

kowtow ethical clothing

kowtow organic cotton

kowtow fair trade

kowtow sustainable clothing

kowtow nz sustainable clothes

(Images from here)

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