reliving :: alberta ferretti.

Two things to start the weekend off right.

Firstly, to help put all your relationship issues and wonders to rest, listen to Garance Dore’s “Pocket PMF : Marriage” podcast. (Also listen to every other episode because her accent melts even the toughest stone, and her joy in life is bound to influence your own, particularly when joined by some fellow French friends).

I learnt that I’m not as weird or needy as I had previously thought. At the very least, my craziness was down-graded when I heard that Garance also responds with blunt answers following a missed goodnight text from her partner (more French coming out in me?). The little things can evolve in to a big thing within minuted.

And the important thing that came out of this listening : don’t ask negatively, but do positively. I’ve always known this deep down, yet continually pushed it to the back of my mind because of my stubborn tendencies. Instead of whinging, just do the chore, and hopefully your other half will be nice enough to then help out. Hopefully. Yet to test that out.

Secondly, a hit of lingerie as outerwear to get the fun weekend vibes flowing. Lace meets sheer, appropriate for a daring night out or experimental day. I have a great respect for women who can pull of the see-through shirt with lacey bra underneath, or a pop of under-thing slyly shining through, without screaming skank. There’s a fine line between tacky and smart – one that is too difficult and risky for most of us to even go near. So props to you Alberta Ferretti for showing us how it should be done. Key is to mix it with a bohemian feel, creating a luxe, clean, flesh-baring hippie.

alberta ferretti ss16

alberta ferretti bohemian

alberta ferretti lingerie

alberta ferretti spring summer 16

alberta ferretti sheer white

(Images from here)

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