musings :: clare press.

Let me tell you why I love Clare Press, why I have for so long, and why even more now.

1. Fashionable and successful, matched with a killer personality, the dream combination. Got it all.

2. Best friends with Sarah Wilson, so together they are basically Captain Planet. Changing the world through food and fashion waste awareness – two of our biggest contributors to the current dire situation.

3. Has just released a new book which is high on my to-buy list, ‘Wardrobe Crisis’. A book that speaks to me on many levels, addressing our current and detrimental need for more thoughtful, and less fast, fashion.

4. Also a vintage queen.

Need I say much more really. She’s iconic, talented and passionate – and isn’t that what makes the best of us?

clare press vintage

clare press wardrobe crisis

clare press street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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