modern day superwoman.

While most of Sydney has a keen eye on the State of Origin, I’m attempting to switch on my brain and figure out life.

I’ve mused on Margaret Zhang’s super-styling and fashion ability before, but now let’s get hyped over the fact that she is also an intelligent, confident and business-minded individual. A 23 year old directing branding of companies is a rarity. As is one who so confidently speaks to a Town Hall audience, waiting to lap up her every word. I’ve dubbed her the Australian Tavi Gevinson – bringing power and attention to young talented women, and achieving the seemingly impossible at such an age.

Here’s just a few of the lessons, or confirmation of lessons past, that came out of this insightful discussion:

– Branding comes above the product. Every brand needs a long-term message / vision / brand for the consumer – a short-term product doesn’t cut it when engaging and maintaining relationships. Create the conversation that drives this.

– It’s not about being on every single social media platform. Be proactive but know your audience. Why use Snapchat when your audience isn’t there? Why create a Pinterest board when you aren’t targeting aspirational women and crafty mums?

– Engagement over numbers. In the end, that’s what counts. Who wants to just be another number on another coffee-influenced Instagram post anyway.

Margaret also made an interesting point about work/life balance. This social construct needn’t even exist when we have a job we love so purely and truly. The lines become blurred, and yes, your life becomes crazier, but it’s all for your passion in the end. That sums up the goal in all my life changes right now – finding that thing that brings such joy, hard work, perseverance and motivation.

margaret zhang photography

margaret zhang branding

margaret zhang photo

margaret zhang gucci

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