an opulent road trip.

Life seems to be continually coming at me from all angles. You make a plan, it sticks in your mind, and then boom, it all changes again. I was planning on a 4-day working week for a while, basically equating to heaven on earth, minus the joy of actually being able to purchase all things new and shiny. My mental state was prepared for some down-time, recuperation, and life planning – a chance to nut out the steps I need to take to get somewhere (this somewhere also needs a lot of thought and deliberation because it doesn’t exist yet).

But nope, we may have another adventure just round the corner. Life just wants to keep me on my toes.

So instead of taking an opulent road trip and being a lady of leisure I may be werk werk werking and making my way in the world. On a side note, who wants to figure out how to achieve such a road trip with me? Head to toe Gucci and Prada, vintage cameras, and the wide open road.

marie claire italia photo shoot

road trip photo shoot

marie claire italia

fendi photo shoot(Images from here)

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