anatomy of :: athleisure.

Ok ok ok. I’ve been avoiding this topic for a while but it just doesn’t seem to want to go away. Athleisure is here to stay everybody (and now whenever I read that word, it is said in my head in Leandra’s joyful twang). I’m not a fan of tights, or bike shorts, or cropped bras, at work in particular, and it shocks me that some people are.

There is another side to atheleisure though – the side that embraces comfort with beauty, lax with class. A tough one to pull off without the right street style idols or labels dictating the look. Chloe have come to our rescue, now allowing us the best opportunity to get away with track pants and a life of comfort. Tights are tossed in the bin, as are any signs of a cropped item. It’s all about the more elegant athleisure opportunities, providing a look that runs from day into night without a myriad of questions.

The collection is the best of athleisure, the ultimate. I recommend you view the whole thing yourself because those wide leg pants, sweatpants fabric, and slouchy crotches are worthy of at least a few minutes and all-inspiring. It’s athleisure made appropriate for the office, which is obviously what we have all been waiting for.

chloe pre fall 2016

chloe athleisure

pernille teisbaek street style

athleisure street style track pant

street style athleisure

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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