thought process of airport waiting.

This little collage I pored my lunchtime into sums up how I felt on the weekend, following two massively delayed flights, both to Melbourne and back.

So much time spent whining and whinging, stressing about the wrong information on the departures board (surely our gate hasn’t closed when the plane hasn’t even arrived?), and asking why why why why a million times. Lot’s of sighing, eating, and snapchatting. Constantly checking every form of social media to see if ANYONE was doing something more enjoyable than I. Looking like a backpacker with my phone charging station all set up, and efforts to not fall asleep on top of my luggage. Getting on to that plane was a painful mountain climb.

On a positive note, I finally finished my book, so, time well spent. And the time inspired me to go and make a new collage as well – lack of sleep due to late arrival may have been worth it.

airport mountain collage

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