the sustainers :: campbell charlotte.

Somehow today has become a very inspiring day. Starting with a new cafe visit, another checked off the ever-growing list, complete with the most delicious brain-food omelette. Then a mass of chores ensued, and the feeling of cleanliness accomplished. Baked some veggie bread followed by a short afternoon walk, and now sipping my warm tea, dressed as a yeti, listening to Camp Cope, and reading all about Campbell Charlotte. Sometimes it’s the little things that count – not a big fun adventure day, but productive and just right.

I feel like Campbell Charlotte / Charlotte Campbell just gets me. All about adjusting our trend-based fashion views to thoughts focused more on longevity and meaning. Instead of items that are designed to break down quickly, be tossed away, and create the continual need for more, the collections thrive on the continual change of each piece as they age and grow to the wearer. That’s a philosophy I can get behind. It’s thoughtful fashion, without sacrificing any element of craft, good design or beauty.

All I’m dreaming of now is donning myself in that cosy, aptly named Cuddle Sweater, mulling some wine, and reading the evening away with a hilarious chunk of stories (courtesy of Leandra Medine).

campbell charlotte season 1

campbell charlotte season 2

campbell charlotte sustainable clothing

campbell charlotte sustainable melbourne

campbell charlotte fashion philosophy

(Images from 1, 2)

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