melbournite for a day 2.0.

It was always to live in London by the time I’m 30, for as little or as long a period. It feels like that age is encroaching way too fast, my life is definitely not together like I had imagined it would be, and the thought of moving sometimes seems a little crazy. My FOMO is too bad.

We may have found a solution everyone. Melbourne is basically “little London” anyway, with slightly less rain and significantly fewer grumpsters. And for someone who detests the cold and regularly suffers from blue hands, this may be a healthier, more mentally positive outcome.

The question that haunts me every visit though – where do the regular people live in Melbourne? The ones who aren’t particularly crafty, hipster, cool, or grungy? Every suburb is unique, everywhere has something cool or attractive in its own right. Sydney on the other hand is filled with blah suburbs, perfect for raising a young family, while encouraging boredom and angst amongst teens.

Each trip down I want to explore a different area – abuse their cafes for a constant coffee supply (+ necessary wifi), wander through their boutiques and fresh food markets, and find the quirks of each place. My lunchtime challenge would be far less challenging and involve less brain power / research to put ideas together that’s for sure. Bri Hammond sums it all up through pictures.

bri hammond photography

bri hammond melbourne interior

bri hammond photographer

bri hammond melbourne

bri hammond sharehomes

(Images from here)

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