musings :: micaela verrelien. 

I’ve been introduced to some really cool girls via Instagram and the general social-sphere, particularly those of the uniquely styled, big personality sort. They are the true style queens, flaunting all they’ve got and proudly piecing together outfits with attitude. One of these is Micaela Verrelien.

Any girl who can rock an American flag one-piece in public, then publish it on Instagram, is truly a hero. She’s curvy and real, with the greatest sense of individual style, evidently an amazing wardrobe, and a real gift for the gif ( they make me so happy every time a new dancing diva is posted ). Nothing is off-limits – side boob looks classy, socks and pumps appear all smart and work-y. Everything tight in all the right places ( which I so quickly avoid like the plague every shopping day ).

Give me your confidence, pls, and that shoe collection. Be my style mother / sister. I’m not sure what I can offer in return though, because every dreamt skill is already accomplished by far. Here are just a few images that illustrate why I love her :

micaela verrelien style

micaela verrelien slip dress

micaela verrelien style inspiration

micaela verrelien fashion blogger

(Images from here)

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