all your winter needs.

I have a growing list of half-started blog posts that are begging my attention and some love. By the end of July my goal is to have all these completed for your lovely eyes, and my over-active brain. Some peace to allow room for more bits and pieces that are rattling around in there.

For now, this post-weekend-away Sunday evening, it’s necessary to collect some winter style inspiration for the week. My layers are running out of differentiation. My poor boots are growing tired of being worn day in and day out.

This shoot is everything I want for the rest of winter – a mix of knits, greys, whites, flowing, fitted, layered. Give me six more Uniqlo turtlenecks ( one for every day of the week ) and I will be set.

winter layers photoshoot

topsy turvy beauty shoot

turtleneck fashion winter

monochrome winter wardrobe

(Images from here)

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