the google of life.

Now that I’m in a job that doesn’t occupy my mind non-stop, at least 8 hours every day ( not including the work-related nightmares / dreams ), I actually have time for Google. We’ve become best buddies. This is a somewhat dangerous thing, and hopefully only occurs when you are in an office with minimal humans to talk to. Next stage of life will be independent of search engines one hopes.

Previously I used Google as a means to answer my very brief, general questions every once in a while – a simple definition here and there. Google’s place in my life has escalated rapidly. I’m constantly searching whatever strange concept and question pops into my mind – Wiki has become my friend and trusted advisor, as have the many strange online community threads out there. I’m lost in space world – turned to the online guru instead of chatting it out with living beings. I listen to internet trolls and ranters, those old folk who seem to have nothing better to do than complain publicly – embarrassing themselves more than the hated brand.

Just some of the random oddities appearing in my recent history:

– How do I see my Google search history ( yes, I did check this one just to make sure all my facts were right for you. Google delivered. ).

– How to welcome a new housemate ( not very helpful FYI. My own genius thoughts are way better. Sorry Google, but I don’t think revealing our most embarrassing moments will create a life of housemate bliss ).

– Checking just about every strange email address that comes through in the hope that Google will immediately answer my ‘is this spam?’ question ( somewhat successful ).

– Should I drink kombucha? ( important one. Answer = yes, maybe. So I’m going to give the Single Origin on tap variety a go one boring lunchtime ).

– Aligning brackets in word ( damn word processing life ).

– Can frozen bread make you sick? ( this may just be a sickness-in-my-head case but I swear that increased water content is not happy-making for my body. Internet lost this one though. No solid answers in sight ).

– How to follow up an email introduction ( #lifeskills ).

If only a Google search resulted in a wardrobe with some of these babies also. A money tree, but online, and for clothes. It’s all about the big bold patterns today.

mens fashion week paris ss17 street style

australia resort 2017 street style

paris street style

street style mary katrantzou

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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