the sustainers :: thursday, sunday.

When you are waiting for life to kick into gear but it just doesn’t seem to want to happen. Emotions. Everything is going at different paces right now – my mind running with one million things a second, looking for every new opportunity to pounce on, but life? Well she has other plans it seems, that are completely incongruent with what I want and those endless thoughts. So we end up at this awkward, not-so-fun stage of lostness. Stuck in between and no door out in sight.

I’m not sure that discontentment is ever a good thing – the push to change is often positive, but when things stay the same, we head down the path of depression and negative thoughts towards just about everything. Then there’s the discouragement that eats away at any self-worth in existence, like the hungry caterpillar it just doesn’t stop. The biggest problem is that this is all a lie, a trick of the mind, so difficult to break out of. We do have so much, we are so lucky, we can dream about doing great things, and sleep warm at night – it just requires a moment to take a step back sometimes to realise and remember.

I felt it coming on hard today, as soon as those tired eyes were shocked awake. My short term solution – get Leandra’s voice going on in my ears. I always seem to turn to those ( successful ) women I look up to, encouraging my dreaming and happiness again. And you know what? Generally it delivers, and that’s a good stat for someone who can easily get caught up in those incessant downcast thoughts. So I’m not beaming with hope again, but at least I can get through the day with some sense of positivity, thinking about all the things out there that can be done (and I have no idea how to do – app builders, please come talk to me, we need to have a serious conversation ).

Then I stumbled onto this life-changing, all-inspiring online goddess – Intent Journal. Brain in over-drive. I got lost in the rabbit-hole of fashion sustainability. Let’s just focus on one more great label to kick off. Thursday, Sunday. These girls have blown it all out of the water and reminded me you don’t actually need a strict fashion background to get into the business of beautiful clothing. What they’ve achieved is creating simple, pared back looks that challenge the norm and associations of sustainable pieces. It’s structured and boxy, introducing elements of current trends, like the one-shoulder thing and fronted zips, without the Alexander Wang price tag. The label isn’t just about the clothes, it’s the whole movement of slow fashion, swaying us as consumers to consider and research and wisely choose who we do purchase from. Using those things called our brains a little more, and resisting that instant appeal of the impromptu shopping trip. Your mum would tell you to eat slowly, so do the same with your clothes.

thursday sunday aw 16

thursday sunday sustainable fashion

thursday sunday aw15

thursday sunday sustainable clothing

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