anatomy of :: the winter coat.

One of the only things I love about winter is the coats ( and, consequently, the layering required ). I have some in-built attraction to them, where it is impossible to love too many similar-looking grey coats. I would happily seat them all in my wardrobe and rotate their wear on a weekly basis. Trying to decipher this insane appeal is difficult, but I think I’ve reached a fairly logical conclusion.

The coat is like the cocoon that buffers your day – on your way to work, on the way home, and sometimes in between when you spend your time in an over-air-conditioned office. Aside from those times you unleash the magic of the outfit hidden beneath. The air of mystery and surprise. You pass someone by on the street wearing a lovely long coat, and would never know if they are wearing mum jeans or a skirt, a designer shirt or band tee.

Now that I’ve had this thought I can see myself playing a game in my mind – a guessing exercise of sorts, taking a stab at predicting what is hidden below. The only catch, I will never know if I am right.

street style coats

street style oversized coat

street style belted coat

street style isabel marant coat

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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