find your dream :: amelia diamond.

I am constantly inspired by the millions of women I read about everyday – how they got where they are today, where they’ve come from, what inspires them. It seemed only right that I start a new little section on the blog, dedicated to those who inspire my future dreams and get my brain working. ( Maybe this is one of the reasons why I am so undecided on where to head right now – there are just too many of them – but getting it out on paper may be just what the doctor ordered ).

It’s difficult to differentiate this from all the musings posts, because it just so happens that half of these gals are also incredibly stylish and motivating in that sense also, but we will make it work. It’s an overlap of all the coolest women in the one place. From the ladies who have started their own successful companies, to those who have built a brand for themselves, or slaved away in major corporations to make change, I think we can all take something away.

Here we go. Just be warned, this may tempt you to drastically change up your life, take a chance, and literally leap in to the opportunities of the future. If a miracle happens and my own paths become crystal clear ( although, really, does this ever happen to anyone? ) I will be sure to let you know.

I’m going to start with a really easy choice. Second best to Leandra’s job – which I may or may not have dwelled upon too much in the past – is definitely that of her right-hand woman, Amelia Diamond. Not just because she gets to be besties and work with potentially the greatest team ever, or always looks amazing, with the hair of every girls princess dreams. She also happens to work in my dream office and have a pretty cool job title / task list. One that is ever-changing, always new, and nourishing to out-of-the-box ideas and concepts ( and also involves regular dressing up ).

Deputy Editor and Senior Writer ( at Man Repeller ) – sounds pretty dreamy to me. Main points of work I love:

– Content Curation and Creation – writing and organising and planning all that good stuff that goes on and makes the world go crazy with comments, conversation and love.

– Content Calendar boss – am I strange for loving that level of organisation?

– Working with the contributors and freelancers – because you need that people contact, and opportunity to meet / speak to some ridiculously inspiring achievers, including Chanel’s Lucia Pica, Danielle Prescod ( style maven / stylist ), etc. etc.

Amelia also shared this gem piece of advice, perfect for the searchers like me:

“Strengthen the skills you already have, develop the ones you need to be better at the things you love and be open to all opportunities.”

Hence all my list-making and soul-searching right now. She landed her job because of a friendship, so keep your friends close, your contact list open and your emailing skills pro ( Google also helps with that ). You never know when a Facebook message could change the course of your future. Some of the aforementioned style seen below – couldn’t resist sharing her equally awesome wardrobe.

amelia diamond dream job

amelia diamond man repeller

amelia diamond leandra medine

amelia diamond style

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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