the sustainers :: rbcca kstr.

Depressing realisation of the past week – the only clothes I will be buying, for the rest of the year, are hiking clothes. Yep, some sexy fleeces and zip-off pants, merino sleeves and thermal-wear, which also happen to be a very expensive genre of clothing to buy ( including that cost-per-wear factor ). I had hoped for some leeway but non. It’s all stealing my money, with the feels of dropping all your coins down the drain as you awkwardly get out of the car in the midst of losing wallet grip.

This is just another time in life where the phrase “bite the bullet” is required. Because really, I don’t want to die frozen on top of a mountain anyway. A life without pennies is a life nonetheless.

We are doubling up on the sustainable lovers this month, because, life is short and there are too many labels to chat about. I feel like I have to mumble when I say rbcca kstr in my head ( there is rarely one to talk to round here right now ), almost like my lips have been sewn shut and only the slightest sound can come out. But this label deserves way more than a mumble, try a massive megaphone or boombox instead.

Rebecca Koster creates the most perfect, minimalistic, under-rated silver jewellery. All from 100% recycled sterling silver. Added bonus – all the stones used are also ethically sourced, or synthetic. It’s the kind of jewellery that would happily sit in your collection forevermore, defeating the age of the trend and momentary bliss. A long-term relationship.

After this whole hiking business is over, I know where my remaining savings are going – ear hooks. Or maybe even sooner than that if I get too over the thought of more activewear – plus these pieces are so joyously affordable.

rbcca kstr jewellery

rbcca kstr sustainable jewellery

rebecca koster design

rbcca kstr ear hooks

(Images from here)

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