manspiration :: tommy hilfiger.

We haven’t handed one to the men for a while – and that just seems unfair. Tommy Hilfiger has delivered the goods this latest season.

So Americana, but so wearable. Filled with patterns of the floral and striped variety, collars, drawstrings, and a good old 80’s spirit ( say yes to the bright primary coloured hoodie ). Give me the women’s sizes of these pieces any day and I will be like a walking, sporting, pyjama-wearing beach lover / adventurer in the middle of winter – next level athleisure. They are the outfits that will get me off the couch on a blustering cold day, itching to step outside and attempt some more skateboard lessons. Topped off with some old man pool slides for the absolute indulgence in comfort and nonchalance.

tommy hilfiger spring 2017

tommy hilfiger athleisure

tommy hilfiger 80's

tommy hilfiger spring 17

(Images from here)

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