reliving :: rachel comey.

Instead of saying I have a big head or big brain – because I ( hopefully ) don’t really identify with either of those connotations – I choose describe myself as big minded. Clearly my brain is a constant mish-mash of thoughts. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. And, unlike the regular person who notices a thought and then can quickly push it to the other side to continue on with that thing called life, I have to write it down. Somewhere. Anywhere. All hell breaks loose if I am without writing utensil or phone battery. If I don’t get it down straight away it will play and linger and distract, until I forget it, and then get frustrated that I could forget such a thought already without noting it. The vicious cycle of the mind.

I like to think that it helps me to notice things, appreciate everything and read between the lines, but this isn’t always necessarily so. Many things I see or read have clear reason to immediately save on one of my lists for future inspiration / writing / thought processing, e.g. Rachel Comey’s Fall 2016 collection.

It’s like the fashion world is finally realising they are creating clothing for REAL people in the REAL world. Rachel Comey has been killing it on that front for a while anyway, challenging our usual requirements for a designer brand. She has always stood out with collections that can be worn by the regular person, with the right amount of basic-piece delivery, mixed amongst pattern and flattering shapes. Would wear all.

The New York designer for the people. This whole notion of power to the people, celebrating the everyday girl, has levelled up this season, with the use of Comey’s very own staff as lookbook models. #genius. If not just in the sense that we love seeing normal-sized humans online. it also proves just how WEARABLE these pieces are. Are you edging towards grey-dom and celebrating ageing gracefully? Are you the best friend of a talented tattoo-artist ( who uses you as a practice model while you sleep )? Or even a sexy / sultry mama who has better things to do than spend hours each day outfit-creating? All covered. And that’s without touching on how beautiful the pieces are in and of themselves. I’m dreaming of ruffled wrists and the comfiest looking denim inceptions ever seen.

rachel comey clothing for real women

rachel comey fall 16 lookbook

rachel comey diversity models

rachel comey fall 16 fashion

(Images from here)

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