in response to happiness.

In response to Man Repeller’s article, ‘Are You Happy?’.

Prepare for a crazed mish-mash of thoughts as I put my brain onto paper, and try to make sense of it’s constant zinging and thought-processing. I feel like the last 2 days have been one continual creation of things-to-do lists, so the article probably couldn’t have come at a better time. Also, this strange stage of life I am wading through, or rather, dog-paddling while trying to find the sand beneath, calls for moments of true reflection, otherwise I could easily get lost in this other world behind my eyes. Or the one which pushes me to be productive, always. Never slow down, because that is for the weak. Never stop trying, because what is life if we aren’t trying. Never cease thinking, because otherwise I will never get anywhere.

And it’s because of these ideas floating about constantly that I needed this article to be written and present itself neatly in my browser via friends and an obsessive-reading-disorder of Man Repeller ( you should have seen the number of tabs that were dedicated solely to MR this morning, and every other day really ).

The moral of the whole story is really to just B E freaking H A P P Y.  We let so many other things get in the way – so many deadlines, plans, commitments, dreams, jobs, chores, etc. etc. etc. The situation is always over-complicated, we make it harder for ourselves. If we just stopped to take a refresher, pause and breathe, for a moment, we would have a chance to just be, and be happy.

Instead of coming home grumpy for no reason at all, I should relish in the fact that I am HOME, not stuck on public transport, ready to eat a great meal, and preparing to chill in my trackies. Taking a step back from my enforced to-do lists.

That’s where my latest bedtime ritual comes in to play as well. It’s the chance for me to stop the rest of the world and focus on relaxing or doing something I love, even if it is only 15 minutes. I might read my book and try to finally make a dent in it, ponder some articles, start creating something, or catch up on Girls, but it’s a chance to indulge in the moment and do something for myself. The takeaway for me now is to slow down.

I call myself a dreamer, which is not inherently bad, but does take it’s toll when I become so uncomfortable in my current life because I don’t feel I am moving towards the things in my dreams. I constantly question what I can do next to get there, or which new cool cafe I’ll indulge for breakfast on the weekend, or who I will make evening plans with. Instead of always looking to the next, I’m trying to learn to respect every moment, live it and make the most of it, because that’s all that really matters in the end. Your own definition of happiness is essentially the key to life.

Maybe my first step now is to write down everyday ONE little thing that made me happy, because reflection is everything in opening up the mind and promoting change. ( My morning oats and coffee aren’t allowed to count – it’s a cop-out because that is my guaranteed daily hit of joy. Not even lying, I love waking up purely because the countdown to breakfast is on ). This shoot represents my version of happiness – one of peace, calmness, and understated beauty – an appreciation of all things.

julia vogue netherlands june 2016

vogue netherlands june 2016 editorial

vogue netherlands june 2016 happy

vogue netherlands june 2016 travel

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4 thoughts on “in response to happiness.

  1. Loved your post: beautiful images paired with a well-written text! It’s so important to just slow down and take a moment to appreciate what we have, to live in the moment and enjoy it – the way to happiness is to be happy from within, to be grateful and humble towards everything you do. 🙂

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