the sustainers :: thinx.

These may just be the most controversial thing on the market right now. Complete with all that taboo we love so much. But I have read the comments ( literally scrolled continuously for a significant amount of time – because the more you read, the more proof ), have devoured the website, and you know what? I think I am actually sold on the period-proof underwear.

It would seem hypocritical of me to not test out this crazy invention – one that will significantly impact our levels of waste, and all that ridiculous tax paid also ( so much anger ). Just the thought of testing it out induces a lot of fear and uncertainty. I am not an uncertain person, I need plans and dates and times and preparedness. If you see me wearing black jeans for a solid week, you know why – safety blanket.

Typically, living sustainably and being a girl have been these two completely separate worlds that cross paths in many aspects, but one major element, where they definitely do not complement each other. More girl issues. There is hope for us yet with Thinx, and all the similar newcomers to the market. But first, some stats that may blow your mind :

– Women will use approximately 17,000 pads / tampons over the period of their lives ( har har ). And all that sits in landfill, or in the ocean. It doesn’t really seem fair to all our marine friends, and the human ones also.

– Think about how much we spend on all our hygiene products – maybe $10 a month, maybe more. So that’s at least $120 a year. What a bloody waste. Sorry not sorry for all these accidental references.

I’ll let you read all the gory details and scientific workings for yourself but put simply, these are a real game changer for the future of waste, the support of a sustainable world, and also, a life more free. I’m convinced they are as hygienic as they claim, that it’s not actually that disgusting, and genuinely a good thing, with solutions to suit the needs of every woman. “It’s not like sitting in your own blood”. Plus, every time you buy a pair of Thinx for yourself funds are sent to help women and girls in Uganda ( where 94% of girls have problems with school due to that time of the month ).

We’re also taking the chance to change perceptions and take a stand against the disgusted perceptions, instead building and encouraging conversations. Somehow this bodily function that occurs to half the worlds population, about 12 times a year, is largely ignored and ridiculed. I admit, I am yet to order a pair, but my current stingyness may bring about a purchase very soon. Just you wait, and I will be as free and wild as a hippie, but much more clean and shiny. Join me in my panty party gals, the modern day Captain Planet gang.

thinx sustainable underwear

thinx period free pants

thinx advertising campaign

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