italian for a day 2.0.

Every morning when I go to the gym ( every morning is a loosely held term right here, but #goals ) my bag is quite literally filled to the brim with outfit and face things. Like, it’s a real struggle to close. And that’s without including the required towel or skipping rope at times.

The zipper has reached the near-broken stage, and I am praying it doesn’t decide to give way as I bustle my way through the city one day, or in the middle of a crowded public transport commute. I just fill it with a full outfit, sometimes options, because you never know – life and my mind are often unpredictable. It’s so full and chunky that often once I make the walk to the gym and unload my junk, I’m left with red rubbed shoulders. All that baggage, in all senses of the word.

I am a self-confessed bag lady. The one who doubles her size and requires much more walking and sitting space than expected. Don’t let me start on the handbag sitch, because that is equally as dire, but. once again, filled with only the necessary. I swear.

While I ponder my baggage and all the extra useful muscles I am building ( via crossed fingers ), I also dream about the world and the adventures to be had. The places to see and immerse myself in, the people to meet and understand even through a difficult language barrier. It’s an instant massage for my weary shoulders. Could be that it’s reassuring my daily incidental weights practice will lead to easier travels in the long run ( lugging a pack around the world has never been my forte ), or just the immediate peace that comes from looking at a dreamy photo and being whisked away to another land far far away from the kilos pressing on my back.

Claudia Corrent’s photography is taking me to that dreamland currently. Her Insulae collection is sending me mentally across the waters, where instead of sitting in a fake-air office right now, I am sipping an espresso in a square in Venice before stretching my legs to walk alongside the canals for hours, until I’m too sore to go any further. Followed by a good dose of wine and a carby, yet simplistic, meal, inducing the perfect slumber. I could equally get lost in Greece and Morocco through Claudia’s eyes. The whole world is waiting.

claudia corrent venice

claudia corrent insulae

claudia corrent photography

claudia corrent venice photography

(Images from here)

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