musings :: margot robbie.

I’m not sure why, but initially I attempted to hate Miss Margot so bad. I tried to think of her as an awful person, or a whore of sorts, because someone who looks that damn good literally all of the time cannot also be nice or funny or personable. But life just isn’t fair, because it seems she is. Margot is one of those girls who seems to have the best of everything, and be insanely lucky / clever in the paths she has taken.

She’s proven me wrong, and maybe made me a slightly nicer person in the process. It’s a big fat whopping lesson in not judging a book by it’s cover ( not that I personally know her, except in dreams ), but every interview paints an image of someone so down to earth and free from the ugly grasp of Hollywood. My heart has flipped so much that I don’t even want to find flaws in her now, she can rest as an angel forever in my head.

We aren’t all opposite either, Margot and I. She has the same busyness, crazy life issues as me, as do most of us. The desire to have some time alone, away from the hype. But as soon as we are gifted this space, we need someone around, immediately, something to do, some occupation. I get her mind. And I love it.

As I also immediately love any film she features in, or just about any outfit she takes to the carpet in. That beautiful face and piercing eyes. Her shoot from the latest issue of Oyster is one of my eternal favourites now – I just have to push to the side any pangs of jealousy arising from that perfect body too. The Miu Miu sheer dress and gingham shirt combo has been featured in just about every magazine, on every model, but undoubtedly trumps on Margot. The naughty but nice combo, so Harley Quinn.

margot robbie miu miu

margot robbie oyster magazine

margot robbie babe

margot robbie muse

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