the sustainers :: limb.

I give myself decision fatigue every morning as I consider which amazing cafe to visit for my darling coffee. Options are a real struggle. First I have to make the decision of going to one of my two loyals and favourites ( although I can hardly call myself loyal can I, when I am frequently torn between more than one ). If that’s a no, then I have to decide which place from my extensive list will be the lucky winner of my $4 that day.

Yes, decision fatigue is such a first world invented, trivial problem, but it is real. Hence why so many of the most successful people a la Obama and Mark Zuckerburg wear a self-invented uniform each day, as a way of reducing the number of decisions needed to make.

Unfortunately for me, or fortunately depending how you look at it, a uniform is not an option. The joy and mini burst of creativity I find when compiling my day’s outfit far outweighs the burden of the decision, although it is often a tumultuous and drawn-out process ( one of the reasons why I find it so handy to lay out the night before – more sleep time, less early morning stress time ). I need to reduce my decisions in other ways instead.

The only decision-making saviour I have found so far is through Well Made Clothes, where I know that whatever I pick to purchase is sustainable in some aspect. Whether it’s ethical manufacturing or sustainable fabrics or locally made, I know I’m safe in my choosing.

Like Limb – with seriously sexy looking jumpsuits and snap skirts. All made in locally in Melbourne by a couple of clever girls with a dream of wearable classics. Definitely achieved. Definitely a guilt-free, non-decision ( because there is no decision-making required when it all looks this good + feels good for the planet ).

limb the label

limb sustainable fashion

limb melbourne fashion

limb the label fashion

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  1. […] I’ve been thinking about how to spend my remaining department store vouchers and birthday money, and my stomach groans every time. Shopping trip anxiety is real. Even the online shop drives me crazy – figuring out the right size ( hopefully ), the pain of returning if it’s wrong, that ghastly shipping cost. Not to mention the sheer amount of choice and consequent decision fatigue. […]

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