model musings :: nini nebieridze.

In the last few weeks I’ve started giving my daily outfits little names, just to add to the creativity and encourage some lesser-worn combinations. Outfits of note have included :

– ‘Sexy working mom’ ( which has to be said with an American twang, or it just doesn’t work ) – a jeans and print on print concoction, complete with bling belt.

‘Cowgirl moves to the big smoke’ – taking the Texan girl out of the ranch and making her werk werk werk in that office with some bandanna and denim meets black skirt and blazer.

‘Sailor Moon vs. Gossip Girl’ – a Harajuku-ish, sailor-ish, preppy Upper East side appearance, complete with the houndstooth print and silk scarf.

I have a fresh persona every day, even if the clothing I wear is regularly recycled and re-mingled. Who really am I?

If I were a model though, I imagine my wardrobe would contain even more strange concoctions and distinct pieces, with a true mix of quirky vintage and richy rich designer. So very jealous of Georgian-native Nini Nebieridze’s closet right now, because it is just that. Designers en masse – from the likes of Loewe, Vetements and Acne Studios. Polished with the vintage touch, including some glitzy pants and frills of your dreams. Reliving the teenage dream, the me I wish I was while also battling braces – we have a killer babe showing off her orthodontics in the fashion world.

nini nebieridze model

nini nebieridze fashion

nini nebieridze vintage style

nini nebieridze

(Images from here)

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